Thursday, December 22, 2005

Just a Reminder: A Menu for Hope 2

There has been an AMAZING response to A Menu for Hope 2 campaign: $11,749 as of this moment.

A recap: this is a campaign to to help raise funds to support the victims of the devastating earthquake in the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan.

It is a virtual raffle that offers a really diverse range of prizes from food bloggers all around the world.

Pim has a montage composed of pics of the prizes, go check it out. The hardest part is choosing which prize you REALLY want.

To add to the huge pot of gifts, I will be offering a historic restaurant tour of New York City's Chinatown for up to 4 people. The tour will highlight the history of restaurants in Chinatown and Chinese food in America and will include stops at local eateries.*

All you have to do is donate $5 and you will be eligible for the raffle drawing for a gift of your choice.

To peruse the long list of prizes, click here.

The deadline to give will be 12am PST on December 24th. Winners will be announced after January 1st on Chez Pim.

PLEASE NOTE: No money will pass through any person's hands. All donations will be through First Giving, going directly to UNICEF, for the victims of the earthquake.

*The tour must take place before September, 2006. All arrangements must be made by email. My schedule is pretty flexible, but please be aware that the winner must give me at least a month's notice and that there are some "blackout dates" (i.e. times when I will be unavailable).


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