Monday, November 21, 2005

I might like one of those...

A new appliance has come to my attention.

It's called a Thermomix and was featured in the NYTimes Magazine this weekend. Sold through direct marketing (Anyone ever been invited to a Cutco demonstration? Someone comes to your home, demonstrates the product and prodes you to buy it), it's a blender, mixer, grinder that can weigh your ingredients, saute and steam them too.


The reviewer seemed to be pleased with the machine, though at $945 (plus shipping and handling), my first reaction was "are you kidding?"

But after thinking about the machine for a while I realized that the average NYC kitchen is quite small and that it only takes up the space of one of those aforementioned items, so actually, you're saving a lot of room in your "closet" for other equally important things, like an ice cream maker!

The other advantage with the Thermomix, which the author pointed out, is that you are essentially paying for quite a number of kitchen appliances and tools in one machine, so you're saving yourself some "dough" in the process.

That said, it's out of my price range for now. Another item for my "wish list" (which seems to grow daily).


Blogger Seize the 'Que said...

Good luck getting someone to buy it for you. I would be curious about how well it works at each of it's different tasks, but I guess I can read the review.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


7:19 AM  
Blogger Seize the 'Que said...

Happy Thanksgiving!--Jennifer

8:22 AM  
Blogger 1956 said...

Thermomix is fantastic. It makes delicious sorbet and ice cream too!

Too bad it has not taken off in the Northeast. I live in NY/CT and am authorized to sell Thermomix in case you are interested in pursuing your wish.

11:07 AM  

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