Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fridge Check 2005: Tanying!

Lately, I haven't had much in my fridge. With the extended weekend holiday of Thanksgiving at Casa de la Rose and a tendency to eat out/order in more as the semester comes to a close (and I get bogged down with my studies), I haven't bothered to stock up on much. Besides the staples of cheese and milk, there's been a few bell peppers, some ginger and I even had this chocolate bar, dark with a spicey afterkick. Unfortunately, it didn't stay in there for very long.

So instead of exhibiting the bare confines of my refrigerator, we're going to peek into the one owned by my friend Tanying. She has some terrific photographs of her last trip to China this past summer up on her blog. Go check it out.

The pic isn't the best, but I think I spy green tea ice cream, lots of soft tofu, apples, salmon fillets and a lot of asian leafy greens.


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