Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chinatown Restaurant Tour: Menu for Hope 2

It's that time of the year again...the time to give.

In what is becoming an annual event, Chez Pim has organized A Menu for Hope II, a drive to to help raise funds to support the victims of the devastating earthquake in the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan. This year there will be a virtual raffle that offers some really novel and delicious prizes from food bloggers all around the world.

This year The Hungry Rose will offer a historic restaurant tour of New York City's Chinatown for up to 4 people. The tour will highlight the history of restaurants in Chinatown and Chinese food in America and will include stops at local eateries.*

So, what's the 411?

First, check out the fabulous prizes you can win. Then, donate just $5 to A Menu for Hope campaign.

Each $5 donation gives you one chance to win. The more you donate the more chances you have to win. Make sure that you note your desired prize or prizes in your donation's comments section.

The drawings will be held December 23rd and results will be announced after January 1st.

Please note: No money will pass through any person's hands. All donations will be through First Giving, to UNICEF, for the victims of the earthquake.

*The tour must take place before September, 2006. All arrangements must be made by email. My schedule is pretty flexible, but please be aware that the winner must give me at least a month's notice and that there are some "blackout dates" (i.e. times when I will be unavailable).

(photo by Heidi Swanson)


Blogger *kel said...

kudos, that's a really neat idea of a gift, i was in nyc last july and had a memorable dinner at a malaysian place. can't remember the name tho.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Mona said...

hey girl. i just gave some money and stupidly didn't put what gift i wanted to be drawn for-d'oh!! i told pim, hopefully someone will figure it out.
i just got your comment on my blog and loved your response. i have the same feelings you do. and CANNOT sympathize with the workers...hope your finals will be done done done very soon!

8:26 PM  
Blogger Pim said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks so much for your wonderful gift. Walking tour in NY Chinatown sounds like a hoot.

We've raised so much money in this campaign I could hardly believe my eyes every time I check the donation tally. It's over $11,000 now!

It's the amazing effort from everyone that made this campaign so successful, thank you for your part in it.


5:06 PM  

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