Thursday, October 13, 2005

Introducing "Fridge Check 2005"

I hardly ever watch any television anymore. A lot of it is due to the atrocious programming the networks seem to be producing; honestly, the "reality" of reality TV is that it's pretty boring. The Food Network is often what I turn to when I actually watch television. And even that frequently bores me (I can only take "Baam!" so many times).

But one night, soon after I returned to the US, I was fighting off jetlag and watching of all things, MTV's Cribs. Anyone who is not familiar with the show, it's basically celebrities giving a tour of their home. Most often it is a gigantic ball player with a Disneyland-esque theme park in his backyard showing the viewer his gadgets and toys (albeit big and very expensive ones). Quite frankly, I could care less about the posh cars and decked out rooms that hold 400 people at once. I just wait for them to show their KITCHENS!

And boy, are there some kitchens in these homes. Besides being just plain huge, they're often setup with unique cabinetry and cool appliances. I loved one kitchen's French antique stove (granted, it may not have been a very good stove for cooking but it was so cute!) and another person had this really sleek Sub-zero refrigerator that I'd put in my fantasy kitchen, the kitchen that can be found only in my dreams.

That day may never happen, but inspired by one aspect of Cribs, I've come up with a new series for the blog. You see, every celebrity who does this show always opens their refridgerator to show the audience the contents. So give a warm welcome to a new reality blog series: FRIDGE CHECK 2005.

My blog audience will get to check out what I have in my fridge from time to time and maybe what my friends have in theirs (if they'll let me in). So here's the first one:

Yes, those are two 18 piece cartons of eggs. Somehow I managed to use them up within 2 weeks. Milk and blueberries for my favorite breakfast--cheerios with fruit. And unfortunately you've caught me, those are Lender's Bagels, EECK! I know, I know, no self-respecting New Yorker would eat them--but I'd like to mention that I didn't BUY them. However, I did eat one--tastes just like it looks, rubbery. No one's perfect okay?


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