Friday, August 05, 2005

Champagne dreams…

Being slightly food-obsessed (heck, I have a food blog, right?), I tend to have moments of nostalgia: memories of incredible food or drink. One of the most recent was a bottle of Billecart Salmon Rosè (champagne) that I shared with A.H.N. at Fifteen in London. It was the meal to top off all the meals I had had during my ten-day jaunt in the UK.

No doubt the multi course meal was a well earned treat for my palette, but it was this champagne that A.H.N. picked off the wine list that still lingers in my mind. He had guaranteed that I would love this bubbly and he was so right.

I still remember the tingling of the bubbles in my mouth and the light touch it left on my tongue. As a rosè it was not quite as sharp as other champagne I’ve tasted, which made it a great compliment to the delicate flavors of our dishes.

I must admit that this champagne left such an impression on me (and my tongue) that occasionally it pops up in my dreams (yes, I dream about food and wine, doesn’t everyone?). I hope soon enough I can find another occasion to once more order a bottle…or two.

Ah, bubbly dreams…


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