Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Libertè Six Grains Stirred Yogurt

This was a tasty treat I bought from Fairway a few weeks ago. It's produced by Marque Libertè in Quèbec and I have never seen it before (although truth is I never really look at the yogurt selection at the supermarket). It was a bit more expensive than most other brands on the shelf(about a $1), but I felt it was well worth it.

My first impression was that the yogurt wasn't overly sweet. The label says "No Sugar Added, Sweetend with Fruit Juice" and this is really the key to the product. It's refreshingly tart but with a touch of subtle sweetness. One of my biggest gripes about Dannon and even "earth friendly" Stoneyfield Farm is the deep sugary aftertaste. I always feel I need to wash my palate out after I eat these big brand yogurts.

The "Six Grains" are really just that: Buckwheat, Rice, Barley, Wheat, Rye and Oats. The grainy bits mixed into the yogurt really complement the tartness as well as adding a much needed "crunch" to the soft peach pieces.

Even though it is a tad expensive for my grad student budget, I hope I can indulge in some of the other flavors soon. It is a great late night snack or a treat after a good workout.

Have you tried this brand? I'm curious to know what others think about this particular yogurt or other yogurts produced by Marque Libertè.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live by this stuff. There's a yogurt i eat in Germany that also has grains in it, so i was stoked to find it here!

11:17 AM  

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