Sunday, May 01, 2005

Welcome to The Hungry Rose!

Some weeks ago I made a huge "discovery" that seems to have consumed much of my time lately. I've discovered food blogs. I somehow stumbled upon one (in the fast blur of web surfing I cannot recall how or which) and then hopped my way through many more. That first time I must have spent 5 hours online jumping amongst them and reading my way through. I was totally a captive audience (of one) to many of these sites. I took such enjoyment in reading the comments, convictions and discoveries of fellow foodies. I always knew other people were as obsessed or in all likelyhood even more obsessed with food than myself, but I didn't quite expect the multitude of opinions, ideas and passionate outcries from others or that there was this incredible community one could enter to give one's own take on the food consumed and savored in their life.

Yes, I'm not the most tech or web savy person around and this is likely why I didn't understand or enter the blog world till recently, although deep down I wish I found out about it sooner.

This "discovery" has affected my daily life. Now, after I turn my computer on in the morning I first check my favorite food blogs instead of my email or the front page news. I often spend hours reading new food blogs, looking for inspiration to my own cooking or just savoring what others have experienced when I should be studying or doing some other more important or urgent activity in my life.

Often, it was the writing style of a blogger that attracted me to their food blog. Sometimes it was the theme. In other cases it was the fabulous food photography that captured my interest. All of these food bloggers inspired me to start my own food blog, The Hungry Rose.

I do have my favorite food blogs, Chocolate and Zucchini, The Food Section, Orangette, Becks and Posh and The Tasting Menu to name a few. There are so many and of course, everyday there seems to be a gazillion more (like this one). For myself, I think I will keep this blog to discussions of food and other issues food related (i.e. wine, restaurant reviews). I would love to write about my travels and other aspects of life in general, but I'm going to try to keep these to a minimum--I've created this blog because, quite frankly, I'm passionate about food.

So dig in and let's eat!